Understanding the complex pharmaceutical marketplace is the key to success
Our large catalog of competitively priced generic drugs fulfills our customers medication needs while helping to save them money.
Full Line
Our catalog includes a full line of OTC, RX and Controlled medications.
Our broad range of topicals will help address all of your customers health needs, from pain to rashes and wounds.
It's more important than ever for your customers to have access to necessary vaccines. Our catalog includes vital vaccine shots and sprays so you can best help your customers stay healthy.
We carry many of the highly prescribed brand name drugs popular in the market today.
Medical Supplies
Popular and high use medical supplies are available to our valued customers.
NuCare’s catalog includes sensitive, high-touch specialty medications and we have extensive experience handling these unique drugs.
NuCare can deliver custom prepackaged medications to meet your exact dispensing specifications.
Drug Distributor

Point of Care Services

NuCare is able to deliver customized services at the point of care, including community clinics, nursing homes, urgent care facilities, military and government hospitals, and private practices. We will be happy to provide a free analysis to estimate your clinic’s volume and needs.

Pre-Packaged Medications

Our complete system is designed to make it easy for physicians to dispense from their office or clinic. We can help you design a dispensary and formulary that provides convenience for your patients and a profit center for your office. Ask about our special sized bottles that are made to fit in hospital dispensing drawers.


Wide array of low cost pre-packaged medications that can cover 70+% of your prescriptions


All products are registered and listed to ensure you receive the reimbursements you are owed


Bar-coded labels to speed dispensing while capturing pertinent information and color coded for accuracy


State-of-the-art induction sealed products with child-resistant caps


Automation friendly bottle sized designed to fit all dispensing machines